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Welcome to Parent Coach International

Parent Coach International is the home for the Parent Coach Certification Training Program worldwide. If you are a forward-thinking professional with a deep calling to work with parents, welcome home. Our acclaimed one-year, graduate-level, distance learning parent coach training program provides you with a new way to effectively help parents using the PCI Parent Coaching Model.

Parent Coach International is the hub for PCI students and PCI graduates to connect, collaborate, and co-create. With unique voices united in a common vision, we are growing a supportive community of professionals who have obtained Parent Coach Certification. Join our movement!

Parent Coach Certification

As a professional seeking a Parent Coach Certification® credential you can count on, we know the integrity of a parent coach training program is highly important to you and very valuable to your successful career as a certified parent coach.

The term Parent Coach Certification® is legally registered to Parent Coach International. As a registered trademark protected under worldwide trademark and patent laws, Parent Coach Certification® defines PCI’s one-year, graduate-level parent coach training program. Parent Coach Certification® is nationally and internationally recognized for its high standards and comprehensive parent coach training program that began with the Parent Coaching Institute in 2000.

Whether you are a counselor, teacher or parent educator, this course is what you are looking for.
Louise Clarke, West Vancouver, British Columbia

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Listen to Gloria DeGaetano, Creator and Director, explain five advantages of the innovative, comprehensive Parent Coach Certification® Training Program.

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PCI successfully completed a three-month parent coaching project with The Hurley School, a K–8 Spanish-English immersion school in Boston. For a copy of the final report, demonstrating the effectiveness of PCI parent coaching, please contact: info@pcicoach.com.

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